Brilliant Brand and Super Soulful Sales

Ready to ditch the overwhelm and begin to start feeling like you actually know what you are doing when it comes to building your business?

It's OK to admit you don't know how to do everything! I have been there and I understand what it's like to do everything myself!  I have no time, no energy, no motivation.

Maybe, like me, you have a overflowing inbox full of free downloads.

Maybe you can't find the time to sit down and actually do any joy work with your business because everything else seems to take precedence, including the growing pile of dishes in the sink and 12 loads of laundry.

Maybe you aren't confident you can sell anything because you couldn't even sell girl scout cookies 20+ years ago.

Maybe you don't know how to make your voice stand out powerfully online.

Whatever it is, you are here because you want to take inspired action and create a brand that is 100% authentically you AND sell with soul!

Then this 6 week Brilliant Brand and Super Sales is for you!



6 sessions over 6 weeks:

  • 6 live group sessions that will recorded
  • 1 one hour private coaching session
  • Exclusive private facebook group for accountability, questions, feedback and celebrations so that you feel fully supported
  • Meditations, recommended reading lists, worksheets and tried and true mindset hacks to help you achieve your big vision goals
  •  Build momentum to elevate your business (and your life) to a truly extraordinary level.

Investment: $850



  • Be crystal clear and specific on your voice, your brand and your message
  • Stand tall in your confidence and power
  • Overcome one major mindset block that has been holding you back
  • Flip the switch on your fears so that you can continue to thrive in your life and business
  • Sell with love and share your message
  • Create momentum in your business and have the tools you need to begin to create a business and life you deserve
  • Have a clear action plan to help propel you to your big vision goals


AND ... IF you sign up before friday ​4/20, you will receive:

  • 1 extra hour of private coaching to address your personal needs you want extra help with
  • Copywriting bonus training from Sarah Mac, who is a copy coach and writer and has tons of gold nuggets to share with you so that you can sell with soul!

That's a savings of $600!

The total investment is only $667 for the entire 6 weeks!

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I started using Theresa to help with my home based business while working a full time job. In the time I worked with Theresa, I was able to apply all things learned to both my personal and my professional job. I exceeded above target at 141% by year end. If you do the work, dig deep, Theresa will change your life as well as your success rate. Oh and she is just fabulous!

Amiee R