Helping Women Find Joyful Friendships

Ready to make new friends, happy hour buddies, sleep over gals, girls trip comrads?

Hi! I'M THERESA - Introvert. Awkward. People LOVER and Dimple Face.

I love being the connection for others.

It's OK to admit you haven't made the time or effort to find your circle of friends!

Maybe, like me, your life has been focused on family and work!

Maybe you can't find the time for yourself because everything else seems to take precedence, including the growing pile of dishes in the sink and 12 loads of laundry.

Maybe you aren't confident anyone would even talk to you because you haven't really had to put yourself out there before.

I know that you have this RADIANT LIGHT and need to SHINE YOUR SOUL.

Whatever it is, you are here because you want to find people who are full of FUN, self-love, confidence, generosity, a maybe have house full of kittens!

I invite you to join me and a room full of high vibe women to experience SPEED FRIENDSHIPPING! My goal is to help women connect face-to-face, and form self-affirming and joyful friendships.

Every woman attending is there for the same expressed purpose: to make new female friends. So come and fill your bellies and your hearts. You deserve it. It's your time to replenish your soul's desire to find people who get you.


AUG 10, 2019

11 am- 2 pm

Olive Garden (Private Room)

9079 Vantage Point Drive

Dallas, TX 75243

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Food will be provided with cost

** All Sales Are Final**